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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, responding to comments today from Chris Weigh, Acting Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, claiming that a loss of resources brought on by massive public sector cuts has contributed to a “worrying” rise in some offences, said:

"It is truly shocking that a senior police officer is saying that the Tory-led Government's police cuts are causing some crimes to rise.

"This is the latest in a long line of senior police officers warning of increases in crime due to the rapid and deep 20 per cent cuts to the police. Theresa May and David Cameron were warned they were taking a massive risk with public safety and now we are seeing the results.

"Over 16,000 police officers are to be lost with over 5000 '999' first responders already gone. Now we are seeing some categories of crime rise with personal acquisitive crime - which includes robbery and theft from the person - up by 13 per cent in the latest statistics. The Acting Chief Constable of Lancashire makes clear that these cuts are causing worrying rises in crime and communities are suffering as a result with big increases in burglary and vehicle crime.

"After a 43 per cent reduction in crime over the 13 years of the last Labour Government we should be building on that record and not putting the progress we made at risk.

"The Prime Minister and Home Secretary don't want to heed the warnings from us or the Crime Survey of England & Wales but surely its time they listened to senior police officers. They need to be focused on cutting crime rather than just cutting the police."

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