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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to Philip Hammond’s speech on cuts to regiments, said:
“The Defence Secretary has increased uncertainty where clarity was needed.
“We know the Defence Secretary’s plans will mean regiments, jobs and traditions will be lost, but we have no answers for the military communities whose futures are in doubt.
“It will strike many as perverse if not self-defeating to sack 30,000 from the Forces only to hire private contractors. The Government plans to plug self-made capability gaps rather than reform our Forces for the future.
“The Government has focused on structures not purpose. We have heard nothing on the role our Forces will play in future, the threats they will face, the priorities they will follow and the goals they will achieve.  The Defence Secretary is presiding over decline not planning for the future.
“Savings have to be made, but in doing so our defences can be made more adept through reforms to procurement, partnerships and personnel.”

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