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Ian Murray MP, Labour’s Shadow Employment Relations Minister, commenting on the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s rejection of the Beecroft Report proposal on no-fault dismissal, said:

“The CIPD, which represents Britain’s employers and employment professionals, has today highlighted that Adrian Beecroft’s fire at will proposal would be a ‘licence for bad practice’ and could harm the reputation of small businesses seeking to hire new employees at the very time when we need to help them drive growth and jobs. This adds to the chorus of criticism of the proposals which we have already heard from business.

“To get out of the recession made in Downing Street we need a proper plan for jobs and growth, not a watering down of people’s rights at work. As the CIPD has said, there is absolutely no evidence that no-fault dismissal would help spur job creation. We need to make it easier to hire, not easier to fire, and Labour’s five point plan would introduce a one year National Insurance tax break for all small firms taking on extra workers.

“Introducing Beecroft’s fire at will proposal is already being consulted on by Vince Cable’s department and Mr Beecroft has himself made it clear that his proposals enjoy support at the highest levels of government, showing just how out of touch the Tory-led Government has become.”

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