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In response to events in the eurozone, in Bradford Ed Miliband said:
"As Labour has been saying for many months, we need to ensure there is stability in the banking system and where that requires action, it should take place swiftly and with urgency.

But the lessons from the eurozone crisis go beyond the banking system.

The reality is that the austerity approach of the German government, the British government and until recently, the French government, is not working.

Instead of offering more of the same austerity, David Cameron should be learning the lessons of what is happening.

We need co-ordinated and decisive action to get growth and jobs in the European economy.

When it comes to the European Council and the G20 in Mexico, David Cameron should abandon the collective austerity, Camerkozy approach that has produced a recession in Britain and has contributed to a hugely dangerous crisis across the Euro-zone.

The lessons of history and the current crisis are that we succeed or fail together and we must have a clear shift in international and domestic policy towards making growth the priority."

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