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Hilary Benn MP, Labour's Shadow DCLG Secretary, responding to reports of Eric Pickles intending to make an announcement on measures to deal with 'troubled families', said:

“The Government has spent the past eight months announcing and re-announcing this policy on ‘troubled families’ which - as even Eric Pickles admits - builds on Labour’s successful family intervention projects. It's time to get on with it.
“Any money will be welcome by local authorities at a time when their budgets are being unfairly slashed, but they are only getting back some of what's been taken from them.
“And other measures imposed with Mr Pickles’ support, like cutting SureStart – which helped to improve educational outcomes – and decimating Youth Intervention Teams – which cut first-time youth offending by 43% just in the last Parliament - won't help. In fact they will only make the task of helping those whose lives are blighted by poverty, and the chaotic families that cause so much trouble to everyone else, much harder ”

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