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Luciana Berger MP, Labour's Shadow Climate Change Minister, responding to the publication of the Government’s response to its consultation on the Green Deal, said:

"Today was the Government’s chance to salvage the Green Deal but ministers have failed to convince the public that it will be a good deal and despite all the criticism their plans have received they remain riddled with problems.

"The proposals still contain massive loopholes which allow for mis-selling and cowboy builders, as well as containing harsh penalty payments for repaying loans early, which will cost consumers thousands of pounds and destroy the public’s trust in the scheme.

"In addition the Government’s own figures show that the number of cavity wall insulations will plummet by 43 per cent and the number of loft insulations by 83 per cent. This will be a disaster for hundreds of small businesses across the country and will risk thousands of jobs.

"While ministers have adopted Labour's plans for establishing green deal apprenticeships and including hard to treat cavity walls in the ECO, unless more changes are made the Green Deal risks being a car crash."

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