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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, responding to official statutory homelessness figures released today, said:

“As Britain’s housing crisis deepens, more and more families are facing the tragedy of homelessness. Labour turned round the rising tide of homelessness we saw in the 80s, but we are now in danger of seeing a similar crisis develop under this Tory-led Government. It demonstrates yet again how out of touch they are with the human cost of their economic and housing policies.

“Earlier this week we learned that affordable housing starts have collapsed 68 per cent over the past year, which the Housing Minister bizarrely described as ‘impressive’. Today’s figures show this collapse in housebuilding, alongside the Government’s failed economic policies, has led to an acute crisis with more young people and families stuck in temporary accommodation or bed and breakfasts.

“Rather than attempt to spin his way out of these figures, Grant Shapps should see this as a wake-up call. He needs to change course. The Government should take immediate action to get the economy moving by levying a tax on bankers’ bonuses to build 25,000 more affordable homes and create 100,000 jobs for young people.”

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