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Stephen Twigg MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to reports that Michael Gove could replace GCSEs with O-levels, said:

"Michael Gove must explain his changes to parents and pupils. Will going back to O-levels for some and CSEs for the rest really improve standards for all?

"Labour wants to see a robust, rigorous and broad curriculum and exam system that is trusted by parents, pupils and employers. We will set a series of tests to measure these changes.

"To succeed in the modern world, young people need a broad education, not a narrow one. Will pupils doing these new exams get access to creative or innovative learning that will create the jobs of the future?

"Will this divide children at fourteen into winners and losers?

"With no secondary national curriculum how will he ensure a rigorous approach to learning in all schools?

"When the Tories abolished O-levels and introduced GCSEs in the 1980s they said standards would rise. Now they say they've fallen.

"If there is to be a major overhaul parents will want reassurance that the new system will enable all children to progress and reach their full potential."

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