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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, in response to Thursday’s IPPR report ‘Together at Home – a new strategy for housing’, said:

“Britain is in the midst of the biggest housing crisis in a generation. Millions are locked out of home ownership, languishing on housing waiting lists or living in a private rented sector where too many face ever-rising rents, unstable tenure and poor standards.
“Labour's is looking at housing as part of our Policy Review. The IPPR proposals are a welcome contribution to the debate and we will give the recommendations careful consideration.”
“Long-term reform is needed but with the housing crisis growing by the day it is becoming increasingly clear that the Tory-led Government’s policies are making things worse not better. The Government needs to take action now and implement Labour’s plan for jobs and growth including a bank bonus tax to fund 25,000 affordable homes and get the house building sector and economy going again.”

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