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Stephen Twigg MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, following the announcement that Labour will lead a debate in the House of Commons on Michael Gove’s plans to bring back CSEs, said:

“Michael Gove’s plans to bring back the CSE are a cap on aspiration for young people. Re-introducing a two tier system in secondary education, which was abolished by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, would be a damaging leap backwards.

“Labour will tomorrow lead a debate in Parliament to shed light on the Education Secretary’s plans and to make the case for reforming the secondary system for all children, not just the few.

“Nick Clegg has said that his party will not support a two-tier system that consigns young people to the scrapheap. Labour is calling on the Liberal Democrats to join us and vote against plans for a reintroduction of this regressive system in the House of Commons tomorrow”

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