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Dan Jarvis MP, Labour's Shadow Culture Minister, responding to the Museums Association survey which has reported on the devastating impact of Government cuts, said:

"The impact of the Tory-led Government’s cuts, which go too far, too fast, have placed the long-term future of many of our museums in jeopardy. The Museums Association survey gives us an indication of the struggle that museums across the English regions are facing. Severe budget cuts imposed on museums by the Government have meant that the care of collections, the expertise of staff and the ability of museums to engage with new audiences, are all under threat.

"Of the museums that responded, over half reported a cut to their budgets and almost one in four have been forced to reduce public access by closing whole sites or part sites temporarily or permanently. Most worrying of all is that 11 per cent of respondents reported that they have had to close museums permanently as a result of budget cuts.

"Over a third of respondents admitted that they have had to cut staff, with almost a fifth suggesting staffing levels are down by 25 per cent. This is deeply worrying and if these trends turn out to be indicative of the entire national picture then it will fast become a tragedy for the culture sector."

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