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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, in response to Wednesday’s report from the National Audit Office on the Government’s Affordable Homes Programme, said:

“This independent report from the National Audit Office confirms that despite Grant Shapps relentless spin, over 70,000 of the 170,000 affordable homes the Government claims it will deliver by 2015 are homes that were actually commissioned by the last Labour government.

“Damningly, the NAO report highlights that the Government’s programme will add an extra £1.4 billion to the housing benefit bill with every new home being built, adding £17,500 each.

“The sixty per cent cut to the affordable homes budget, which this report confirms, not only led to a disastrous sixty-eight per cent collapse in affordable house building over the past year but hit the construction and house building industries hard, helping tip us back into double-dip recession.  

“Grant Shapps refuses to listen, takes credit for the homes delivered as a result of Labour’s policies and spins a tale that things are getting better when they are getting much worse.”

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