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Vernon Coaker MP, Labour’s Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, has called for a Treasury-led summit on the Ulster Bank crisis, after criticising the lack of response from the Tory-led Government. He said:
“Today at Northern Ireland Questions in the House of Commons, I called on the Secretary of State to convene an emergency summit with the Treasury, the NI Department of Finance and senior management from RBS and the Ulster Bank about the ongoing crisis facing people in Northern Ireland.
“Ulster Bank customers, and everyone affected, need to know exactly what is being done to deal with the ongoing serious problem. They also need to be assured that the RBS Group has planned measures that will be taken if this disastrous situation is not resolved very soon.
“This do-nothing Secretary of State has been asleep on the job. He hasn’t taken any action to help the tens of thousands of people in Northern Ireland who are suffering because they can’t pay their rent or mortgage, buy food or put petrol in their car. There’s been no attempt made by the Tory-led Government to get this sorted out. They need to get a grip and show political leadership on this issue.
“Owen Paterson and Hugo Swire think we should play this crisis down, and say that it is a matter solely for the RBS Group to resolve. They’ve put Northern Ireland at the bottom of the pile while Ulster Bank customers wait at the back of the queue. Even at this late stage, I call on them and the Tory-led Government to follow Labour’s lead and give this matter the attention it and the people of Northern Ireland deserve.”

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