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Liz Kendall MP, Labour's Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, responding to the UK Home Care Association’s report “Care is not a commodity”, said:

"This alarming report provides yet more evidence that our care system is in crisis, and needs urgent reform.

“15-minute home visits are completely inadequate to get very frail older people up, washed, dressed and fed, particularly if they're suffering from dementia.

"Cutting these vital services is denying vulnerable people the dignity and respect we would all want for our loved ones.
"It's also a false economy, as older people end up having to go into more expensive hospital or residential care because they can't get the help and support they need at home.

"The Government is completely out of touch with the scale of the care crisis, and they are dragging their feet on reform.

"In 2010 they promised to legislate on a new legal and financial framework for social care in this Parliamentary session. Yet the Queen's Speech only committed to publishing draft legislation on reforming social care law alone.
“Labour is calling for legislation on a new system for funding social care in this Parliament. We are determined to play our part in securing agreement on this difficult issue through the cross-party talks, which we initiated.

“David Cameron must act urgently and decisively, so our care system delivers dignity and peace of mind for older and disabled people and their families."

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