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John Woodcock MP, Labour's Shadow Transport Minister, responding to news that the M4 between London and Heathrow will not now reopen today, said:

"We are now just days from the continued closure of the M4 becoming a national embarrassment for Britain in the run up to the Olympic Games.

"Ministers must explain why we are on the brink of humiliation when major issues with this bridge were uncovered months ago. Can ministers guarantee the M4 will be open in time for the start of the official games period on Monday? If not, what is their plan B?"

Following publication of DfT figures showing that delays on motorways and trunk roads have increased for the second month in a row, John Woodcock added:

"On top of the M4 fiasco, drivers and businesses will be concerned that the trend of declining delays on Britain’s major road network has been reversed. A reliable, free-flowing strategic road network is key to getting Britain’s economy growing again.

"Ministers are imposing cuts, which go too far, too fast, to road maintenance budgets and they need to look urgently at whether deteriorating roads are leading to rising delays. We know there is already a seven year backlog of repairs needed to local authority roads. It would be disastrous if a similar situation were to arise on Britain’s major roads."

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