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The Transport Select Committee’s new report on Road Safety concludes: "The period since the Coalition Government took office has seen the first increase in road fatalities since 2003, despite there having been no overall increase in road traffic. This is a worrying development and raises questions about the Government’s road safety strategy. These casualty figures should be a wake-up call for the Government to step up and provide stronger leadership in the road safety field."
Maria Eagle MP, Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary, responding to the Transport Select Committee’s report on Road Safety, said:

"The first increase in the number of deaths and serious injuries on Britain’s roads since 2003 should be a wake-up call to Ministers that their do nothing hands-off approach to improving road safety must come to an end. This out of touch Tory-led Government has the wrong priorities, and abolishing road safety targets and abandoning evidence-based policy making is setting back the progress that had been made in improving road safety.The Government has reversed years of relentless pressure to improve road safety by axing national targets to reduce deaths and serious injuries, cutting road safety grants, removing all funding for speed cameras and by considering a blanket increase in the motorway speed limit.
"As an urgent first step Ministers should restore Labour’s national targets to cut deaths and serious injuries which had cross-party support for decades before being scrapped by this Government. The Transport Secretary must show the stronger leadership being called for by this cross-party report and respond positively to the sensible set of recommendations that have been made."

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