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Sharon Hodgson MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Children and Families, commenting on the publication of Daycare Trust’s Holiday Childcare Costs Survey 2012, said:

"Parents struggling to balance work and family life will be extremely worried by this survey, which presents further evidence of the childcare crisis this Tory-led Government are creating. Parents are facing a triple whammy on childcare, with costs rising by 6.5 per cent since 2010 at the same time as places have disappeared and financial support from the Government has been slashed.

"With Labour the number of places on holiday schemes almost tripled, but the Tory-led Goverment has slashed local authority budgets too far, too fast and then tried to blame councils for service cuts.

“David Cameron urgently needs to get a grip on childcare, and ensure that parents are supported to stay in or take up work."

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