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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, said:

“The Home Secretary was asked repeatedly when she and the Home Office were warned about problems at G4S, and she repeatedly gave everyone the impression they had only known since 11 July. Why has Theresa May waited until now to admit the Home Office in fact were warned 2 weeks earlier? She needs to explain urgently how she justifies having given Parliament and the public such a selective account, and why the Home Office were so slow to respond.

“Now that the police and troops have stepped in, everyone is reassured that they will ensure the Games are safe and successful, and everyone wants to get on and enjoy them.

“But people also need to know they can have confidence in the Home Secretary to deal with problems as soon as they arise and be straight with people too. How can people have confidence in Theresa May unless she comes out and answers these questions now.”

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