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Commenting on the news the House of Commons Justice Select Committee is to launch an inquiry into the Ministry of Justice interpreters contract with ALS, Shadow Justice Minister Andy Slaughter MP said:

"It is good news that there will be an independent investigation of the ALS contract by the Justice Select Committee.  The Government claims ALS's performance is improving, but this is based on information collected by ALS themselves.

”Qualified interpreters across the country are still reporting court cases collapsing and interpreters either not showing or unable to translate adequately. There are real concerns at the impact this will have on the public's confidence in our justice system and on the cost to the taxpayer of delayed and cancelled trials.

”But as well as the performance, it's vital the Committee looks at the way ALS obtained the contract, the subsequent sale to Capita and the collapse of the savings target from an original £18 million to below £12 million."

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