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Commenting on Construction Products Association forecasts today which predict that construction output will fall by 4.5% this year and by 1.3% next year, Labour's Shadow Minister for Competitiveness and Enterprise Iain Wright MP said:

“We need a strong construction sector to help lead the country out of the recession made in Downing Street and drive new jobs and growth. Instead, construction output is set to fall by almost 6 per cent over the next two years. On top of the IMF’s damning verdict on ministers’ failed economic plan this week, the forecast of two years of decline in construction only reinforces the need for the government to change course.

“The sector is crying out for a government which steps up to support it but the Tory-led government is slashing public sector construction work and, as the Business Secretary himself admits, is failing to offer a compelling vision for the future to encourage investment.

“The construction sector is a key part of the solution to our economic problems and the government needs to recognise this. That is why I have called for a construction summit to be convened, and alongside this, Labour’s five point plan would help construction firms now by bringing forward vital infrastructure projects and giving a one year National Insurance tax break to small firms taking on extra workers.”

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