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Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, commenting on the Home Affairs Select Committee’s report into the UK Border Force, said:

“Recent queues at our ports have been unacceptable and the Government has presided over an unnecessary shambles of late, with lengthy queues due to lack of staff and poor management from the Government. With the temporary staffing posts in place for the Olympics, which we all hope will be a great success, my concern remains about the long term staffing at our ports.

“We need to start thinking beyond the Olympics and start considering what will happen once all the auxiliary staff have left and permanent Immigration Officers begin to take their annual leave, just as students begin arriving in the UK to begin their studies.

“I support the recommendation of the Home Affairs Select Committee to reappraise the appropriate level of UK Border Force staff, and hope that the Home Secretary will seriously consider how these recommendations can be made a reality. We need to ensure that appropriate staffing levels and security at the border can be maintained, not only for the Olympics but into the future too.”

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