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Jack Dromey MP, Labour's Shadow Housing Minister, responding to the Policy Exchange report on social housing, said:

“The Tory-led Government promised to “get Britain building” but their failed housing policies and a double-dip recession made in Downing Street are making the housing crisis worse not better.
“With house building collapsing under this out of touch Government, this report rightly highlights the need to build many more homes. But proposals to sell off homes let at affordable rents to hard working families are not the answer. Councils and housing associations should make effective use of their housing stock but the Government should not force them to arbitrarily sell-off social homes, breaking-up mixed communities and driving out hard-working families on low wages from whole neighbourhoods.
“Rather than seeking to divert attention from the catastrophic failure of their housing policies, this out of touch Government needs a change of direction and an alternative plan for jobs, homes and growth. The Government should start by taking urgent action now with a bank bonus tax to fund 25,000 affordable homes to put unemployed building workers back to work, create jobs and apprenticeships for young people and provide a boost to the construction industry.”

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