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Helen Goodman MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Media and Telecommunications, responding to Ofcom’s decision to allow Everything Everywhere to use the existing digital spectrum for 4G services, said:

“It is fantastic news that after over two years of unnecessary delays caused by the Conservative-led Government 4G is finally on its way to the UK. I am sure Ofcom’s decision will be warmly welcomed by consumers and also businesses, who know the potential economic benefits 4G will bring in these tough economic times.”

Chi Onwurah MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Digital Infrastructure, said:

<img alt="Chi Onwurah" src="uploads/thumbs/M_dc739fbb-12b8-6064-9d9b-26ce2caea154.jpg" style="float: right; margin: 10px;"/>“While this decision by Ofcom is welcome, the Government is dragging its feet in allowing the roll-out of super-fast mobile broadband which could unlock investment, business growth and support 125,000 new jobs. 4G deployed across the existing 3G mobile network will be the only source of super-fast broadband for about 15 per cent of the population and the only source of broadband access in many rural areas.

“Our competitors are pulling ahead of us in this area. Germany is set to complete 4G roll out by the end of the year. Estonia, Angola and Kyrgyzstan are all ahead of the UK. Instead of waiting impatiently for emails to download mobile broadband users could be getting excited about great new services and apps.”

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