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Chuka Umunna MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on the Institute of Directors Poll that says the Government is doing “too little, too slowly” and has been “ineffective” in every area, said:

“Month after month the country’s businesses have been telling the Government it is not doing enough to lift our economy out of this double dip recession created in Downing Street. But out of touch and ineffective Ministers refuse to listen, which is why they are losing the confidence of business.

“The IoD is right to point out that ‘low confidence leads to delayed decisions’. In order to have the confidence to invest, business needs far more certainty from Government, but what they have got on policy - from aviation to renewable energy - is indecision.

“Instead of implementing a proper plan for growth and the active industrial strategies to get our economy going again which Labour has been calling for, out of touch Ministers press on with the same failed policies, accusing businesses of ‘whinging’ and needing to ‘work harder’ when it is the Government which is the problem.”

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