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Chris Bryant MP, Shadow Immigration Minister, said:

"Theresa May seems to spend all her time dreaming up slogans rather than tackling the real problem of illegal immigration.  Report after report has criticised her woeful mismanagement of the border agency, her failure to track down thousands of failed asylum seekers, her crassly implemented and wrong-headed border control experiment last summer and her failure to provide enough resources to secure our borders properly.

"Sadly, under her 'leadership', fewer foreign prisoners have been deported, more illegal immigrants have absconded and fewer of those who have absconded have been caught. Today's so-called announcements are the government's desperate attempt to hide its abject failure to deal with the nuts and bolts of illegal immigration.

"The proposal that UKBA will be able to postpone marriage ceremonies, if it is suspected of being a sham, should be welcomed but Theresa May must get serious about the abscondees, the foreign prisoners and the lost and hidden illegal immigrants."

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