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Michael Dugher MP, Labour's Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, responding to the Public Administration's Select Committee report on honours, said:

"Labour welcomes the report by the Public Administration Select Committee into the honours system and will study the detail of the recommendations.

"It is vitally important that the independence of the honours system is maintained. We welcome proposals for greater transparency, and for more recognition from within the system for people who do voluntary work in their communities. Despite significant improvements in recent years, more needs to be done to honour those great unsung heroes from our local communities, ordinary people doing extraordinary things every day to make life better in their community.

"We support the honours system recognising people from every walk of life and to do so on merit. And within the public sector, there should also be greater recognition for those often lower-paid workers who do so much up and down the country to maintain our vital public services, and not just for those working in top jobs in the civil service in Whitehall.

"We also need an honours system that puts no artificial quota on extraordinary achievements or performances that contribute to this country. Clearly numerous heroes from Team GB have met this criteria during London 2012 and the public would expect them to be rewarded appropriately."

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