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Yesterday, the Permanent Secretary of the Home Office, Dame Helen Ghosh confirmed that, following a programme of voluntary redundancies at the UK Border Agency and Border Force, the two agencies had re-employed over a hundred staff who had already received pay-offs of up to £54,000.

Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, in response said:

“Finally, someone at the Home Office has admitted what Labour has been saying for months and months; that following severe cuts and redundancies hamstringing our border services, the two agencies have been forced to re-employ over 100 staff to plug gaps in their organisations.

“Not only has this undermined the rationale of cuts on this scale, but it also highlights how close to complete chaos our borders have come over the last two and a half years. We’ve seen people waved through borders, sharp rises in absconders, continued backlogs of casework and significantly fewer foreign national offenders deported.

“The mismanagement of the Border Force and the Border Agency beggars belief, and still the Home Secretary has failed to take decisive action to fix it. These mistakes and screw-ups could have been avoided if these swingeing cuts hadn’t left our borders undermanned and under-resourced.”

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