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Commenting on the issue of compensation for victims of crime raised in today’s Justice Questions, Shadow Justice Minister, Rob Flello MP said: 

“Having forced the Government to think again on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, with even their own backbenchers rebelling at the cuts to support for victims of crime, the new Justice Secretary has today demonstrated he has no idea whether to ditch the proposals totally, or try once more to railroad them through Parliament. Any prospect that we’d seen the last of shambolic Justice Ministers following the reshuffle quickly disappeared as the new Secretary of State was unable to say whether he intended to support Labour’s calls to ditch the proposed slashing of compensation for innocent victims of crime.

"To add to the insult, during the utter panic shown by ministers and Government whips during the debate on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, the Overseas Terrorism Scheme was also abandoned. This scheme is already over two years late, meaning innocent victims of overseas terrorist atrocities are still without the protection they deserve."



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