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Briefing document ahead of Lib Dem conference

At Liberal Democrat Conference next week, we can expect to hear a lot from Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats about their supposedly distinctive achievements in government.

Labour today releases a document detailing their real record:

  • The longest double-dip recession since the Second World War
  • A million young people unemployed
  • A tax cut for millionaires
  • A massive top-down reorganisation of the NHS

To download a copy of the document please click here. 

Harriet Harman MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“People aren't stupid and no one will be fooled by Nick Clegg’s phoney apology on the eve of his party conference.

“It is neither genuine nor heartfelt - it is nothing more than a cynical attempt to protect his perilous and weak leadership.

“The Lib Dems have not been a brake on this Government - they have colluded with them.

“Not just on tuition fees, but on giving tax cuts for millionaires, increasing VAT, and supporting a wasteful and disastrous reorganisation of the NHS.

“At their conference this week, the Lib Dems will try and spin a long list of claims.

“Once again the Party which called for honest politics will be trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

“But the reality about the Lib Dems is a shameful record in government and broken promises.”


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