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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, responding to Shelter’s report on private renting, said:

“Shelter's welcome report highlights the problems the growing number of people living in the private rented sector face every day from ever-rising rents to fear of eviction and poor standards. 

“Tenants, including the one million families with children in the private rented sector, deserve better. Shelter is right to argue for longer- term tenancies and more predictable and affordable rents.  

“Hard-pressed families need security so they can plan where they send their kids to school and their household budgets. This report shows how good landlords benefit from a more steady income and Labour wants to see a private rented sector that works for both them and tenants. 

“While this out of touch Government stands by and does nothing, Labour has already called for action in the sector to tackle unscrupulous lettings agents who rip-off tenants by charging them fees they didn’t know they would face and who exploit landlords and tenants by failing to protect the money they hold for them. 

“And Labour is looking at ways to ensure the sector provides families with homes that are affordable, of a decent standard and provide stability of tenure. We will give Shelter’s proposals serious consideration as part of that review.”



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