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David Hanson MP, Labour's Shadow Policing Minister, commenting on the joint letter the Cabinet Secretary and the Metropolitan Police have issued stating that they believe there is no need for an investigation into Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell, said:

"The Government now admit there are two views of what happened outside Downing Street last Wednesday and the public have still not been told what those views are despite 'inquiries being made'.

"Andrew Mitchell has not confirmed publicly whether he used the words 'plebs' or 'morons'. It is important to establish what was said not because either Andrew Mitchell or the police officer want to take further action but because of the standards the Prime Minister expects from his Chief Whip and the trust he has of the police guarding his gate.

"Either David Cameron does not believe the written testimony of at least two police officers tasked with guarding VIPs or he is willing to overlook it in order to keep Andrew Mitchell in his cabinet.

"What is now beyond doubt is that he is a weak Prime Minister unable to establish the truth of what goes on - even just yards from his own doorstep."

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