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Labour launches Borrowing Counter and NHS poster to highlight the scale of David Cameron's economic failure.

  • Borrowing Counter shows in real time that borrowing is up £802 per second so far this year compared to last year.

  • NHS poster uses David Cameron's notorious pre-election poster to show the truth: He's cutting the NHS, not the deficit.

Michael Dugher MP, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, said:

"Under David Cameron’s failed economic plan borrowing is now going up not down.

"He promised to cut the deficit not the NHS, but the truth is he’s cutting the NHS not the deficit.

"Borrowing is up by 22 per cent so far this year compared to last.  That's £802 higher every second or £277,124,183 higher in the four days of Conservative Party Conference.

"This rise in borrowing is not to invest in the jobs of the future but to pay for the mounting costs of this Government’s economic failure.

"David Cameron and George Osborne just don’t understand that if more people are on the dole, not paying taxes and claiming benefits, you can’t get the deficit down. If businesses are going bust, not hiring new workers, you can’t get the deficit down. If the economy’s not growing, you can’t get the deficit down.

"We’re not going to let them get away with it.  With borrowing going up, a double dip recession and tax cuts for millionaires, David Cameron cannot be a One Nation Prime Minister."


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