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* New poll shows strong opposition to the Conservatives going ahead with a tax cut next April which will give 8,000 people earning over £1 million a tax cut of at least £40,000.

* 71% of voters think the Government should abandon the tax cut in the light of the continued challenges posed by the deficit and recession.

* Nearly two thirds of those voters who supported the Conservatives also opposed the tax cut going ahead - by 65% to 26%.

* Poll also reveals a majority of the public – by 64% to 20% – think David Cameron should make clear whether he benefits from his decision to cut the top rate of income tax.

* Even those who voted Conservative at the last election thought the PM should set the record straight. By a majority of 46% to 40%

* Labour calls on David Cameron to come clean about how much he and his Cabinet colleagues stand to benefit from reduction in the top rate of tax.

Michael Dugher MP said:

“In tough times David Cameron has chosen to give 8,000 people earning over £1 million a tax cut of at least £40,000. Meanwhile millions pay more and his failed economic plan has taken us into the longest double dip recession since the Second World War.

“This isn’t fair. We need a One Nation Prime Minister who will take decisions in the interests of the whole of Britain, not one who puts millionaires before the millions.

“The unfairness of his decisions is compounded by a refusal to come clean over how much he personally stands to benefit.

“He needs to listen to the people and come clean. He must reveal how much he stands to benefit from the cut in the top rate of tax and how many more of his Cabinet colleagues will reap the benefits.

“This isn’t about how rich people are, it’s about the decisions they take. It’s about the principle of giving tax cuts to millionaires while millions pay more.”

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