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Luciana Berger MP, Labour Shadow Climate Change Minister, responding to reports that Energy Secretary Ed Davey is seeking to create loopholes in the UK’s legally binding climate change targets, said: 

"Our legally binding climate change targets provide businesses with the certainty they need to invest in Britain, creating jobs here instead of abroad. It’s madness that in the same week as seven companies warned the Energy Secretary they would pull investment out of the UK if the Government watered down our carbon reduction targets, he is seeking to do exactly that. 

"A low carbon economy has the potential to create 400,000 jobs and support growth, at a time when we need them more than ever. Our climate change targets are crucial to realising this potential. We need a One Nation government which will stand up to the energy companies, reform the energy market and drive down prices for consumers. Under this Tory-led Government and their Lib Dem allies, Britain risks going backwards, sending jobs and industries overseas."    


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