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Jamie Reed MP, Labour's Shadow Health Minister, responding to today's report from Age UK and the Royal College of Surgeons on treatment rationing and age discrimination in the NHS, said:

"Older patients in the NHS are paying the price of the financial crisis this Government is inflicting on the health service.

"Warnings do not come more authoritative than this report. Yet as long as Ministers remain in denial, patients will continue to face the agonising choice of going without treatment or paying to go private.

"Labour has repeatedly warned of the postcode lottery now running riot in the NHS. It was a terrible error of judgement by the Prime Minister to reorganise the NHS at this time of huge financial stress and cut the budget two years running.

"Older people are being hit hardest as hip and knee replacements and cataracts are targeted in the first wave of rationing. The NHS desperately needs a One Nation Prime Minister prepared to stand up for patients."



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