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Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, calling on Justine Greening to immediately suspend budget support to Rwanda and demand answers from Andrew Mitchell, said:

“The latest UN allegations of Rwanda’s continued support for militia activity in Eastern DRC raise further questions about Andrew Mitchell’s seemingly arbitrary decision to reinstate aid to Rwanda on his last day in office. We are still waiting for full and frank disclosure of the reasons for Mitchell’s decision. David Cameron’s answer today at Prime Minister’s Questions demonstrates a worryingly level of ignorance about these serious allegations.     

“The EU, US, Netherlands and other donors have maintained their suspension of aid leaving the UK isolated and responsible for undermining a coherent international position.   

“It is now essential that Justine Greening responds to these latest allegations by suspending budget support to Rwanda with immediate effect. She should also urgently consider the implications of the report’s findings in relation to Uganda’s interference in Eastern DRC.”



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