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Karen Buck MP, Labour's Shadow Education Minister, commenting on the Mayor of London's Education Inquiry report, said:

 “Michael Gove has been the most centralising Education Secretary ever - with thousands of schools now accountable to ministers in Whitehall. The Government need to do far more to give power to local communities, not just politicians. 

“Labour are ambitious for London schools. With a Labour Government, the London Challenge saw schools in the capital improve from being below average to above average. But with teacher numbers falling and huge cuts to budgets, there is a real risk that progress will stall or be reversed under the Tories.

“There is an urgent crisis in primary school places in London. The Tories are making this worse by wasting money on schools in areas that don't have a shortage of places, and by cutting capital budgets by 60 per cent.

“Because of their old fashioned, narrow approach to education they have also missed a real opportunity to help young Londoners prepare for the world of work. The Mayor and Michael Gove should have developed a London-wide careers advice service to help young people make the choices that will assist them in getting a job.” 


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