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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, responding to Home Truths 2012, a report by the National Housing Federation, said:

“The Government’s housing and economic policies are failing. Millions of families are struggling with housing costs as wages are squeezed and rents go through the roof.

“But the housing crisis is not just costing tenants more but the taxpayer too. We now face the prospect of nearly a million working people relying on Government support to pay their rent through housing benefit.

“This is the cost of economic failure and shows the disastrous impact of the Government’s 60% cut of £4bn to Labour’s Affordable Homes Programme.

“With the biggest housing crisis in a generation and the longest double-dip recession since the War, Labour would undertake a major house building programme now to build badly needed affordable homes, create thousands of jobs and kick-start our economy.”

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