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Harriet Harman QC MP, Labour’s Shadow Culture Secretary, following tonight’s BBC Panorama programme, said: 

“With every day, new information comes to light of the pervasive and appalling nature of Jimmy Savile's sexual assaults. 

“Tonight's Panorama programme means that the BBC will have to answer more questions about who knew what and when; and why the Savile tribute programmes were aired while the Newsnight investigation was axed. 

“This will be a very distressing time for the many victims of Jimmy Savile and they will understandably want an independent inquiry which gets to the truth about what happened - not just at the BBC but at the other places where he committed these terrible crimes.

“It is not good enough for the government to leave the BBC - and other institutions - to investigate themselves in such a serious scandal.

“All this underlines the need for the Government to establish an overarching inquiry and for it to be truly independent.”



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