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Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, on the eve of the high level London summit to discuss a new Post 2015 global framework, has challenged David Cameron to lead by example at home and use his position as co chair of the UN high level panel to champion the need for radical changes to the global system. 

Ivan Lewis MP, in an open letter to Cameron, says:

"To demonstrate your commitment to leadership you should announce tomorrow that by whatever means you will ensure that in the current session of parliament the all party commitment to spend 0.7% of GNI on official Development Assistance is enshrined in law. This would put right a broken promise and send a strong message to the rest of the world."

"Equally, you should signal that a new global covenant for development must have at its heart a commitment to tackle gross inequality.

"Achieving the 0.7 spending target has to be accompanied by other radical changes if a new global covenant is to build on the successes of the MDGs, make poverty history and reduce aid dependency. Meaningful climate change targets, the removal of barriers to fair trade, enterprising and ethical businesses, fair and transparent taxes, universal human rights, social protection, free access to quality compulsory education and health services including an integrated approach to early childhood and anti corruption measures which encourage transparency and demand accountability from politicians, officials and financial institutions. Sustainability and the distinct challenges presented by fragile states must also feature prominently in any new framework."

Ivan Lewis MP also stressed the importance of an inclusive process. He says:

"I would urge you to ensure with your co chairs that the new covenant is developed through authentic partnership with political leaders, civil society and the private sector in developed, developing and middle income countries. Gone are the days when developed countries can or should impose their will on the rest of the world. Most importantly, I urge you that the voices of the most excluded citizens and communities are heard."


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