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Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, in response to reports that £1bn of the Department of Health budget has been clawed back by the Treasury, said:

"The Prime Minister needs to be straight with the public on his Government's record on NHS funding.

"On the very same day he was boasting to the Commons about increasing NHS spending, we learn that George Osborne has made another £1 billion raid on the NHS budget.

"This comes after the PM inflicted real-terms cuts on the NHS for two years running - breaking his flagship Election pledge - and a wasteful reorganisation that nobody wants.

"The Government promised any savings would be reinvested in the NHS, but the Department of Health has handed £1 billion back to the Treasury in the last year alone - twice as much as feared in March.

"The Government is clawing back money from the NHS at the same time as it is handing a tax cut to millionaires and P45s to nurses.

"The Prime Minister should not be allowed to make inaccurate claims week after week on the NHS budget. So I am today writing to Andrew Dilnot to ask him to look this and set the record straight."

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