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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, commenting on today’s affordable housing supply figures showing an across the board decrease compared with last year, said:

“Today’s bad news on affordable housing will be of no comfort to those who want a decent home to rent or buy at a price they can afford.

“As a direct result of George Osborne’s cut of £4 billion for new affordable homes we have seen affordable house building in decline. Rather than taking real action, all we see from this Government is half-baked scheme after scheme, re-branded, re-packaged and re-press released. We have a housing crisis and this complacent approach cannot continue.

“We need a country where everyone has a decent home at a price they can afford. That is why Labour has said we would take urgent action and use the windfall from the sale of the 4G spectrum to build 100,000 more affordable homes, strengthen and sustain economic recovery and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.” 


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