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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities, responding to Dame Helen Ghosh’s reported comments in the Evening Standard today, said:

"This is confirmation from right at the heart of Government that David Cameron has a real problem with women. Dame Helen Ghosh's comments about the Prime Minister's Eton clique are one more reason why women don't get a look in and why the Government is out of touch. 

“From insulting female MPs in the House of Commons, to sacking a female Cabinet Member, reportedly because she was too old then replacing her with an older man, time and time again the Prime Minister has shown that his attitude to women is of a different era."

“Just last week, the World Economic Forum's annual Global Gender Gap Report revealed Britain had slipped down the global league table as a result of the Prime Minister putting so few women in his Government. The Government's record on gender equality is fast becoming an international embarrassment in 21st century Britain. 


"The top table of Government is looking more like the Bullingdon club every day and it's no coincidence that women across the country are being hit hard by a Prime Minister who surrounds himself with so few female voices. Women are paying twice as much as men to get the deficit down, and are facing cuts in support for childcare that are leaving many families struggling to make work pay"

"David Cameron and his Government are turning back the clock on women's equality. It's high time David Cameron stopped sidelining women and started listening to women instead."


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