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David Hanson MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, responding to Theresa May’s comments on the PCC elections on BBC Radio 4 Today this morning, said:

“With these elections just over a week away, the Home Secretary needs to take responsibility for the shambolic way in which they have been organised. 

“This Government has failed to sell their flagship policy and by holding these new elections in the dark and cold month of November, with little publicity, it is hardly a surprise that the Home Secretary did not want to comment on turnout.

“The Electoral Reform Society has warned that we are facing the prospect of the “the lowest turnout of any nationwide election in British history” – and if this is the case then it is the Home Secretary who is to blame. 

“Labour opposed these new positions and we have serious concerns about the way in which the elections have been handled - at the cost of £100 million, the money being spent to bring them in would be better spent on 3,000 new police constables. 

“Despite this we are determined to make the best of a bad job and will not stand aside and let Tory and Liberal Democrat candidates become cheerleaders for the Government's 20 per cent cuts. 

“By cutting 15,000 police officers, making it harder to use CCTV or DNA evidence, as well as scrapping ASBOs, this Government is making it harder to cut crime. 

“I hope people will use the Police and Crime Commissioner elections to send a tough message to the Government that they've got it wrong on policing and crime.”


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