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Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Equalities Minister, responding to the Chartered Management Institute’s annual Gender Salary Survey 2012, said: 

"It is both unfair and unjustified that women should be paid less than men for doing equivalent jobs. The gender-pay gap at the management level is still higher now than it was in 2010, and at this rate, 42 years after the Equal Pay Act was passed, it will take at least another 21 years for management-level pay amongst men and women to be equalised. This is simply not good enough. It will be a continuing disappointment to many that the Government is still refusing to consider the provisions, provided for by Labour, to introduce mandatory equal pay audits if sufficient voluntary progress isn’t made.  

"We also learn that, in the year female unemployment hit a 25 year national high, women executives have been hit disproportionately hard by job losses and female directors have been made redundant at twice the rate of men. It is increasingly clear that, on jobs, as well as pay, the clock on women’s equality is being turned back." 



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