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Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, responding to today’s Home Affairs Select Committee Report on the work of the UK Border Agency, said:
“The Government just doesn’t get it. People want to see more foreign national offenders deported but the Government's too far too fast cuts to the number of staff at UKBA and UKBF are hindering their removal.

“It is unacceptable that the number of ex-foreign national offenders living in our communities is increasing while the Tory-led Government is deporting  fewer foreign criminals each year.

“The Government seems to be doing everything it can to put off foreign graduate students from attending our great universities and nothing to deal with illegal immigration and foreign national criminals. This is clearly the wrong way around.

“The Government's cuts to 5,000 staff from UKBA and UKBF mean fewer caseworkers dealing with an ever-increasing backlog and fewer people finding those who shouldn’t be here. The Home Secretary must sort this farce out. It’s very far from the rhetoric this Government would have people believe.”

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