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Joy Garner, Labour’s Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Staffordshire, responding to reports that the Conservative Party PCC candidate in Staffordshire has tried to distance himself from the Tories’ out of touch policy on anti-social behaviour, said:

"These comments reveal that even the Tories' own candidates know they're out of touch on anti-social behaviour. It's just a last minute, desperate attempt to pull the wool over the voters' eyes about what they really stand for. 

“The truth is that despite what he says to try and pick up votes, a vote for Tory candidates in these elections is a vote for David Cameron and the Tories; a vote for huge cuts to the police. Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour is a serious issue - the best way to deal with it is to send a message to David Cameron by voting Labour in the PCC elections on November 15th" 


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