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The number of people who having been transported to hospital have had to wait in an ambulance before being admitted to one of London’s Accident and Emergencies has sharply risen in the last year. Over ten thousand people had to wait in ambulances for more than 45 minutes and over forty two thousand people waited more than half an hour.
According to new figures obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by London MP Gareth Thomas, there was an increase of over 47% in the number of people waiting over half an hour before being admitted to A&E and an increase of over 25% in the number of people waiting over 45 minutes.
London Labour MP Gareth Thomas said:

“These shocking figures reveal the pressure which Accident and Emergency departments at a time when Health Ministers plan to close so many casualty departments. So much for David Cameron's NHS pledges, I know the new Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt is into ‘alternative medicine’ but this is ridiculous.

"As Accident and Emergency departments close, this will raise again the fear in many people’s minds as to whether the NHS is really safe in David Cameron’s hands.”

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