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Caroline Flint MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, commenting ahead of an expected announcement from the Government on their proposals on household energy bills, as well a statement from the WWF which accuses the Government of a ‘complete breakdown in energy and climate change policy’ and warns the Prime Minister David Cameron about betraying his pre-election promises on the environment, said:

“David Cameron’s promises to get tough with the energy giants and to lead the greenest government are lying in tatters. Over a month ago David Cameron promised to force the energy companies to put all customers on the cheapest tariff, but since then millions of families have seen their bills go up.

“The cheapest deal in an uncompetitive market will still not be a good deal. Unless David Cameron stands up to vested interests in the energy market and creates a tough new watchdog with powers to force energy companies to pass on price cuts his warm words will be cold comfort to people worried about paying their fuel bill this winter.

“Before the election, when he needed people's votes, David Cameron promised change - he said he cared about the environment, staged photo opportunities with huskies and promised to lead the ‘greenest government ever’. But as usual with David Cameron, despite his promises, nothing is changing. On his watch investment in clean energy has slumped, the future of carbon capture and storage has been put in jeopardy and the Green Investment Bank has been delayed. David Cameron's failure of leadership is costing UK plc dearly as we miss out on good-paying clean energy jobs and new low-carbon industries."

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