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Ed Balls MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, responding to the collapse of the summit on the EU budget, said:
"David Cameron has failed to persuade other European leaders to deliver the reform of and real terms cut in the Budget which MPs voted for.
“He is increasingly weak and isolated in Europe, just as he is at home. The Prime Minister needs to start building alliances if he is to deliver a good deal for British taxpayers and for the future of the European Union."

Douglas Alexander MP, Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary,

"David Cameron seems not only to be out of touch at home but out of his depth abroad. Instead of winning allies he has been losing them and so sadly has failed to secure an agreement that is good for Britain and good for Europe.

"The House of Commons gave David Cameron a mandate to secure restraint and reform in the EU Budget but he arrived in Brussels dangerously isolated and marginalised.

"It is vital for Britain that the Prime Minister use the weeks ahead to do what he has so far failed to do - making the calls, making the arguments and building the alliances - so that the right deal for Britain and for Europe can finally be agreed."

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